October 18 - 20, 2019 | Please fill out this Fall Youth Retreat registration form and click submit.
The Fall Youth Retreat is on October 18 - 20. Youth from the Gallatin Valley will spend the weekend with youth from Christian Reformed Churches in Salt Lake City. Here are some details to answer a few of your questions.

When will the Montana group leave and return?
Participants will leave Montana on the 18th between 8 - 9 am and return on the 20th between 7 - 9 pm.

What will everyone do on the retreat?
Participants will go sightseeing, walk the Temple Square, learn about the Mormon and Christian faiths, serve at a worksite on Saturday, enjoy delicious food, participate in worship and discussion groups, play games, and more!

What is the cost?
Each student will need to pay $50. This will cover food and transportation. Since a portion of the $50 covers food, students will be given an envelope with $10 prior to the two meals while traveling to and from Salt Lake City (Friday noon and Sunday evening). All other meals on Friday through Sunday will be covered at the retreat. If that amount is insufficient, students should take extra money. Beyond the $50 cost to attend, students are encouraged to take snacks to share.

Where will everyone stay?
West Valley Community Church is hosting participants. Girls and guys will have separate sleeping rooms. Everyone will sleep on the floor, so bring an airmattress and sleeping bag!

What adults are going on the Fall Youth Retreat? 
The adults who currently plan to attend include: LaRae Sales, Ashley Fountaine, and Kyle De Boer.




Full participation in all the events and activities.

No cell phones or electronics for the duration of the retreat. Adult leaders will have phones in case parents or youth need to contact one another.

No firearms, weapons, fireworks, drugs, electronic ciggaretts, alcholol or other illegal substances are allowed.

Photos or videos taken during the Fall Youth Retreat may be used by the participating churches, Classis Yellowstone, and Christian Reformed Church publications or social media platforms.

In case of medical emergency, I give permission to the attending leader to seek medical attention as needed for the youth named above. It is understood that all effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian first.

Please select all that apply.

The registration cost for the Fall Youth Retreat is $50. Payment is due to Kyle De Boer by Sunday, October 13. If you pay by check, write it to "Combined Youth Group" and on the memo line state "Fall Youth Retreat".


October 18 - 20, 2019
Please fill out this Fall Youth Retreat registration form and click submit.